• Dynamic UI
  • Farm zone making
  • Guards and Servers
  • Automatic
  • Scripting
  • Events

ScythBot is:

  • Non public = maximum safety
  • Supporting all popular chronics (including C4 and Classic)
  • Friendly dynamic user interface
  • Bypasses most actual guards
  • Multifunctional scripting language with powerful editor


  • Download
  • Unzip
  • Run ScythBot
  • Run client
  • Configure ScythBot
  • Enjoy

How to use:

  • Download
  • Unzip
  • Run ScythBot
  • Run LA2 client
  • Configure bot`s automatic
  • Enjoy!

Need to know

What does "non public" mean? The amount of ScythBot`s users doesn't exceed 10-20 people.

Is it free? No, it isn't, free software can't bypass actual guards.

Why ScythBot? Is'd unknown soft for guards works without auto-detects and bans.

How can I try bot? Only by subscription.

How much is it? Contact us!